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All Weather Products specializes in supplying roofing products for the Western Canadian and Pacific Northwest region.

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The Ultimate Roofing Showroom

ph: 604-572-8088

or    604-420-9000

GAF Shingle Showroom

Shake-Look & Architectural Shingles

Currently making the thinnest laminate with the least weight compared to most or all other manufacturers ... making it not as good a value as other brands.


We ship almost anywhere

Showrooms & Product Information:







This product was discontinued by GAF, but we have some limited stock remaining. If you are doing an addition or a small roof, call us and we will sell you some at a great price !


The merger of GAF and ELK finally completed in 2007. The new company was called GAF-ELK and featured the best of both companies.

In the western region the Elk brand shingle styles and colour drops were the featured shingles of the new 2008 GAF-ELK product line.

The company has now changed its branding once again in 2011. The company is now simply known as GAF.

Now that GAF has merged the Elk products into its mix, and also discontinued a number of product lines Elk once made, GAF is ridding all names associated with the old Elk line. Everything is now branded as GAF shingles. GAF is expunging the ELK name that was so well respected. Too bad.

GAF made a significant announcement to their warranty offerings going forward in January 2011.

Where they used to offer light weight entry level "30 year warranty" shingles, plus 40 year mid-weight, and lifetime limited warranty heavier weight shingles, going forward they now call all of their fiberglass laminated asphalt shingles, regardless of old warranty or thickness, as having a "Lifetime Limited Warranty".

They are not promising that their shingles have a certain life expectancy or longevity, nor are they promising that their shingles will last a "lifetime" (or 15 years, or 30 years, or 40 years, or 50 years). They are making a declaration or warranty statement, a "Limited Lifetime warranty", (please read their actual wording), that says that they promise... to the original owner purchasing the shingles for the specific property ...for  the "lifetime" of the original owner ... that they MADE the shingles to the standard that they intended to make them, free of defects, according to the standards of GAF.

They are not promising how long their shingles will last on your roof.

 They are not promising that their shingles will last a lifetime, nor are they promising that their shingles will last 10 years, 20 years, or 50 years. They are simply making a "lifetime" commitment, that they made the shingles the way they said they would. If a shingle is found to be defective, and if it can be proven that the defect is caused by GAF not making the shingle to the standard they "intended" to, "then" a claim may be made for the remaining pro-rated value as determined solely by GAF. If the shingle wears out in 10 years, and GAF determines that the shingles were made to the "standards that GAF intended to make them", then GAF won't replace those shingles. They will say, as other shingle manufacturers will say, that each region and roof and weather conditions and climate in an area is different, and that will affect the longevity of their shingles differently and out of their control. It sounds like a lot of hot air, but in fact, no shingle manufacturer is actually "guaranteeing" how long they will last.

A "Lifetime Limited Warranty" shingle warranty is NOT a promise of how long shingles may or may not last. They in fact promise nothing for a shingle's longevity or life expectancy.

The result of this promise is that most other shingle manufacturers now offer a similar "promise"... that the shingles will be made to the standard they intended to make them. Nothing more, nothing less ... is promised.

When it comes to choosing a shingle ... buyer beware now. Caveat Emptor ! Don't let the roofing contractors fool you into thinking you are getting a high end quality shingle just because it is called a "lifetime" shingle. And that goes for every brand.

Now, GAF has deleted a segment of their shingle varieties out of their offerings, as a result of the "Warranty Statement changes".

Discontinued is the 40 year line of laminated shingles, as GAF is no longer pursuing marketing "mid-weight" mid quality shingles.

GAF now calls their entry level thinner laminated fiberglass asphalt shingles a Timberline HD. they used to call this shingle the Timberline Prestique 30 HD, but they dropped the "Prestique 30" part of the name. It is essentially the same looking shingle (although thinner), and the same "builder's grade" entry level shingle. It is built for price sensitive roofers and builders who want the cheapest stuff they can find.

GAF Timberline HD Lifetime shingles are a very thin, lightweight shingle meant to achieve price points. It weighs in the range of 203 to 209 pounds per square, 15% to 17% lighter and thinner than virtually all other shingle manufacturer's entry level shingles. It used to weigh 240 pounds or so back in 2010, but GAF intentionally has tweeked the contents of its shingle to save asphalt, and therefore save itself money.

So they are selling a shingle that is around 15% thinner, 15% lighter than many other brands, yet they continue to charge similar prices to everyone else. In our opinion, that is not great value, it is not good value, in fact we are not clear if it is even a good shingle any longer. It certainly is an "econo" shingle far lighter than anyone else currently makes, and I for one do not want to be a guinea pig with these super thin laminated asphalt shingles.

GAF still makes their heavier weight laminated shingle. They used to call it the GAFELK Timberline Prestique Lifetime High Definition. Now they are called GAF Timberline Ultra HD. These heavier weight shingles are still needed to suit discriminating buyers tastes who are seeking better looking roofing that contributes to better looking homes. The thinner types mentioned earlier do not have near the texture and good looks as these thicker, meatier, improved-storm-resistance laminates.

We were stocking the GAF Timberline laminated shingles until we discovered how thin and light they had become in 2011. We have discontinued this product as a stocking product, but if one desires these laminates, we can special order them in for you. They are the starter house or builder's grade level of laminates meant for those "a little price sensitive".

We believe that thicker versions are more wind resistant, storm resistant, thicker in looks, and well worth a little extra investment.

Therefore, our company no longer carries GAF Timberline brand shingles in stock, as we do not consider them great value for the price one pays for them. We will special order them in for those desiring a specific colour or still wish to take a chance with the new GAF method of building laminated asphalt shingles.

Remember that selecting the thicker version of any brand of shingles is not to get you ten or twenty more years of performance, although it probably will yield a longer life. Rather the thicker heavier "Ultra" version shingle is more storm resistant, carries a higher wind warranty, and looks much better too. The idea is not to get to the year 2050 instead of 2040 or 2030, but instead to have a better looking, better performing shingle for the next 5 to 15 years, the period that we all really care about, which is... right now.

You can use thinner looking shingles, of course, but remember that 50 to 75% of the style and curb appeal of the home is directly determined by the texture, style, thickness, and realism created by the roofing materials you select.

Take pride in your home, and the investment it represents, by installing quality attractive roofing shingles. In this new real estate market which is now "a buyers market", CURB APPEAL MATTERS. If your home looks as good or better than others in your neighborhood, then your home can sell faster... or for more money!  While selecting your roofing, invest in curb appeal, not just storm and weather resistance.

GAF has its own unique set of architectural shingles as well. Country Mansion, Camelot, Grand Slate, Slateline, Grand Sequioa, and Grand Canyon all emulate old world slate roofs.   We can special order in any of these unique styles for you.


For more information on better quality shingles, and on heavier shingles ...check out the following website:









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