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All Weather Products specializes in supplying roofing products for the Western Canadian and Pacific Northwest region.

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Snap-Lock Metal Roofing

Custom Cut for each home or building ... and made to order with our "State of the Art"  German-Engineered Roll-Forming Equipment view colours on line use this link.

Weather-Lock 1"                          

Custom-Lock 1.5"

How to install metal roofing and snap lock panels  Installation help

 Custom Metal Work and Flashings

Wide-Lock 1"

Mega-Lock 1.5"

Other Panels we produce:

Snap Lock with Clips

Mechanical Lock with Clips

The above Nail-Lock, Snap-Lock, Mechanical Lock,  and Clip Lock panels  are all produced in the following materials:

 Galvalume 26ga or 24 ga

 Pre-Painted SMP Finish in 26ga, 24ga, + 30ga  

(The standard finish - Baked Enamel SMP)

 Kynar 500 Painted 12,000series Galvalume 24ga

 Copper 16 oz or 20oz (recommended)

 Rheinzinc or VM Zinc

 Pre-Painted Aluminum (various finishes) Clip System Snap-Lock or Mechanical Lock only



Other styles of metal roofing


From the village and slopes of Whistler, to the shores of the Gulf Islands, Sheet Metal Roofing is a mainstay architectural look. Standing Seam linear cladding panels, especially those with hidden fasteners are the most popular styles.

Great for shedding snow, these styles are also used for their low maintenance, colorful presentation, and long-term performance. And our Snap-Lock panels move you away from that agricultural or commercial look.

Commercial buildings have been using these types of metal roofing for years for the above reasons, as well as they look newer for a longer period of time than cedar, asphalt shingles, and concrete tiles. Long term investment value for commercial and warehouse buildings certainly plays a leading role along with Class A Fire Rating and low maintenance expenses to pass on to tenants.

But also important is the distinctive architectural statement that standing seam panels and Snap-Lock metal roofing gives to a building's design. The design influences include a Caribbean style, a New England or Coastal Look, as well as the traditional ski resort European look. Georgian, Contemporary and Modern styles also are accentuated by high definition panels such as Custom-Lock Snap-Lock metal roofing.

Our two most popular panels are the Weather-Lock and Snap n Lock panels. You can order them with our popular "Striated" finish, which is the most used surface finish specified, or with twin reinforcing ribs, or without any extra finish.

In 24 gauge or heavier the clean smooth look of the panels without the reinforcing ribs or the striations is a desirable look, especially in 22 gauge where the thicker gauge will allow less oil canning to appear and the rigidity is improved. We recommend you always use our striated finish in 30 gauge to 24 gauge material to better avoid oil canning occurrences.

The Weather-Lock covers a nominal 11.7" width with a 1" tall Snap-Lock rib. This width and height is the standard typical profile. An integral nail flange with slotted holes allow for hidden fastening with wafer-head screws or roofing nails. The slots allow up to 1/2" of expansion around the fasteners which is important for medium to longer length panels.

The next panel, rapidly growing in popularity, is called our "All Weather Snap n Lock" panel. Snap-n-Lock 1" covers 13" in width with a 1" Snap-Lock rib. The All Weather Snap-n-Lock 1.5" has a higher male leg, which is ideal for lower slope roofs, and nice looking for steeper roofs too, and it has a net width coverage of 12".  Of course it is ordered in whatever custom lengths your roof requires. Give us a cut list of the various lengths of your specific roof, and we pre-cut all the panels for you.

Our best panel is the All Weather Mega-Snap-n-Lock. It is a 1.5" tall Snap n Lock style and covers 18" of width.

The panels that we produce using the 1.5" high ribs has certain direct benefits for you. The main feature is its higher rib which adds designer style and richer texture to the architecture of the roof. Its increased depth is also ideal for low slope jobs in the 2:12 slope range and up. Another feature of using 1.5" high panels is that all the sidewall, gables, and top ridge or top wall details can utilize standard 1.5" lumber as filler to install the completed panels against, as well as the final flashing and trim details. One does not require the use of base C-channel or J-Trim metals as much, and this may save trim costs. See one of our showrooms for more details on this installation technique.

We can also produce wider panels in both 1" and 1.5" Weather-Lock. The Wide-Lock 1" covers 19.7" width for rapid installation and less detail rib lines to view. It is a couple percent less expensive but harder to handle getting it up on the roof. The Mega-Lock 1.5" panel covers 17" and the 1.5" high ribs add greater appeal and style to these wide panels. We always recommend 1.5" tall ribs for wider panels.

Our custom capabilities include varying the width of the panels, such as end unit panels requiring a narrower width. We can also taper the panels for architectural styled roof details. For a little extra cost per panel, we can produce "male-male" panels, to start out certain roofs from the middle to work both directions at once. A roofing crew can then split up and work outwards in two directions at once.

Our newest feature is our new "notching" service for our panels. We can pre-cut the panels to size including pre-made notches. The purpose is to allow for folding up the ends of panels (boxed up tops of panels under ridges and wall abutments), to more easily install "Z"-bar top closures without field notching the Z-bars, and most importantly to allow for folding the panels over the drip edge without first field cutting the ribs. This will now more easily allow for improved workmanship methods and provide a better finished  and better looking metal roof system.

The colour palette that is available is extensive and remarkable.

Check out the following website ... to view our most popular colours on line. Certain colours come in specific gauges only, or sometimes in only in the superior 24 gauge KYNAR finished (low fade and long lasting paint)Galvalume-based metals. Call our office for additional information. We always recommend you come in to our showroom and view an actual colour sample before you make your selection.

Some of the interesting colours include Weathered Zinc, Copper Penny, Hartford Green, Silver Metallic, Weathered Copper, and many others. But if you don't see the colour you wish we may be able to find it from other metal processor supply depots. 

Matching metal flashings, and ridge trims can be custom fabricated by our computerized sheet metal flashing shop to deliver great design and waterproofing characteristics.

Roof venting remains important, and often is best achieved through ridge vents designed into the metal roofing system. Our knowledgeable consultants can design a functioning easily installable ridge vent detail for your next metal roof project.

Alternatively the roof can be vented using Power Vents. We suggest the Lomanco 2000TH in Weathered Bronze (or other coordinating colour). It comes with both a thermostat and humidistat control that will come on to exhaust out heat in the summer time, and moisture to prevent condensation issues in the winter season. As each vent can exhaust up to 1500 square feet of attic, the roof will not require very many units to achieve the building code requirements, and thus the roof will have minimal roof penetrations for an applicator to try to seal in.

Although metal roofing panels can be installed over spaced sheathing or strapping, we recommend for our climate that all metal roofs be installed over a solid deck (minimum 1/2" plywood). The advantage is a fully supported underlayment that can be well sealed around roof penetrations, skylights, chimneys, and flashings.

The underlayment can range between Hal 30 lb. Asphalt Felt, Certainteed "Roofer's Select" fiberglass felt, Feltex synthetic underlayment, or "TG2-HD" Fiberglass SBS Modified Base sheets, for simple underlayment condensation protection as well as decent water shedding back up protection. For better practice, or for more demanding roof designs and low slopes we suggest using "Winterguard HT" (high tack, high temperature) SBS Self Adhered membrane which can fully waterproof the underlayment prior to the installation of the metal roofing. Remember that it is difficult if not impossible to fix underlayment problems after the metal is installed. This is one area not to cheap out on during the installation.

We live in a rainforest climate, and water does the craziest things, especially during wind driven rain conditions. Also for melting ice and snow, moisture can get behind a metal roof's upper layer and the underlayment and flashing system will then have to take care of business. A well sealed, properly installed metal roof can be worth its weight in gold during those stormy winter nights.

As for the metal roofing panels itself, we will cut the panels to the exact lengths you require to complete the job. The panels will be palletized (or crated upon request) depending on the project size and the panel lengths. Matching flashings can be fabricated in advance, or copings and gable trims can be custom made later to complete the job using exact widths and angles to accurately and neatly complete the roof.

The maximum length is normally less than 30 feet as handling can be difficult for the applicator beyond this. But it is possible to fabricate longer panels as long as you have a truck bed long enough to support the panel in transit. We would suggest heavier 26 gauge panels where panels are required longer than 27 feet in length. Also slotted screw holes in the panel are necessary for these longer panels to allow for expansion and contraction, and our panels come with these slotted fastener holes on the hidden fastener flange.

With snap together panels such as Weather-Lock panels and Custom-Lock panels, the job of installing goes fast and easy as they just "snap" together in around 12" widths. Using special flat screws along the hidden fastener seam and a cordless drill / screwdriver, it is breeze to lay these panels.

Of course the difficulty rises once flashing intersections or vent penetrations are reached and the panels of standing seams roofing must then be properly installed using good sheet metal flashing techniques and lapping methods, especially around dormers and skylights. But patience and good workmanship in these details will create a long performing roof system.

Come on in to All Weather Products' Showroom where one of our roofing consultants will advise you on material requirements to complete your metal roof system.









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