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All Weather Products specializes in supplying roofing products for the Western Canadian and Pacific Northwest region.

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DaVinci Roofing Showrooms

DaVinci Roof-scapes ..... DaVinci's Polymer Slates and Shakes

You can purchase this product from our company. We can arrange for pick up either at our facility on the west-coast, or direct from the DaVinci plant FOB Kansas. Give us a call.
DaVinci Roofscapes

more pictures... click to view photos

DaVinci Slate:

 click on thumbnails photos below to enlarge

 Slate Black

Slate Black


DaVinci Shake:

Autumn Wood


Mountain Blend


New Cedar



Tahoe Blend




Weathered Cedar

(being discontinued)


More DaVinci Photos (large files, please have patience) 


DaVinci Roofscapes have invented wonderfully thick, well textured, natural looking slates which contain both colour blends and a variety of sizes of widths pre-packaged and ready for the roofer to install. You'll have to look real close to realize that it may not be real slate. In many ways it actually looks better with the random sizes, and thicker texture.

DaVinci Slate creates an absolutely elegant architectural appeal. As of May 2008, DaVinci has an even greater realism slate series called "Quarry Slate", with wonderfully realistic chiseled edges, just like real slate. The DaVinci Slate they were offering looked great, but this Quarry Slate series is outstanding. Please note that the lead times for Quarry Slate and currently 4 weeks plus, whereas the regular DaVinci Slate classic series is available in two to three weeks lead time currently.

DaVinci now offers the real ultra rich look of real slate but at a much more affordable price both for materials and installation than real slate. This product is light weight, hail resistant, easy to walk on, high impact resistance, all while delivering authentic looks and colours.

This is by far the most natural looking slate we have ever seen, bar none.

In terms of texture and realism the DaVinci Slate is the best looking in the industry, especially with its multiple widths and unique pre-blend colour offerings, and now even better with the new Quarry Slate series.


Now to top this off, they released, in the summer of 2005, a brand new profile called DaVinci Shake. It is thicker and longer than the slates and comes in four realistic wood shake colours. These polymer shakes have a subtle colour blend to enhance the beauty of their 5/8" thick synthetic shakes, and they do an excellent job of mimicking real medium thickness resawn wood shakes.

For those of you on the Westcoast, the Pacific Northwest, and in Southwest BC where wood look is the first choice, these DaVinci Shakes offer everything you are looking for.

"DaVinci Shake synthetic shingles showcase nature's gorgeous colours and textures...while delivering a level of performance never before seen in a synthetic" "The ideal blend of natural beauty and advanced technology, with none of the pitfalls of real wood. Its a beautiful blend indeed."

The colours we recommend are Mountain Blend, which creates that old shake weathered look one sees on old cedar roofs in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest BC, as well as Autumn Blend if one prefers a newer cedar look and appeal.

The features of DaVinci Shake include:


bullet5/8" profile is over twice the thickness of other synthetic shakes.
bulletExtra Thickness deepens shadow-lines for an authentic top-grade appearance.
bulletDeep-Grained surface texture also enhances natural beauty.

Multiple Widths

bulletProduced in an equal mix of 9", 8", 7", 6" and 4" shakes.
bulletCreates a non-repeating natural opposed to the man-made look of other "wide-panels" or other three size only synthetic shakes.

Realistic Colours

bulletAvailable in natural "blends" ...Autumn Wood, Mountain Blend, Tahoe Blend, and New Cedar.
bulletEach blend features DaVinci's numerous        wood-tones pre-collated into bundles for fast and easy installation.

Patented two layer Color-Safe protection

bulletOne layer of UV protection embedded throughout the polymer. "Classic Series"
bulletA second transparent coating applied on the surface of each a high SPF sunscreen to protect against sun damage, for severe UV regions such as the Caribbean. "Renaissance" series, which costs a bit more, is not a necessity for areas such as Northwest USA, and Western Canada where the "Classic" series is normally sold.

Engineered to last a lifetime

bulletCustom-engineered polymer specifically formulated for the harshest outdoor conditions.
bulletManufactured from 100% pure resin to assure consistency. (Other synthetic shingles are manufactured from recycled tires, milk bottles, even baby diapers). But these varieties of reused materials not only do not provide consistent raw materials, they may even include undesirable debris which can reduce a products fade resistance or durability properties.

Unsurpassed durability

bulletClass A Fire Rating
bulletClass 4 Impact Rating
bulletHigh Wind Rating
bulletResistance to freeze-thaw, algae/fungus, and insects
bullet50 Year Material Warranty

View lots more photos at Davinci pg2

View at


Newest features released for April 2008:

Finally, a one piece hip and ridge cap is now being made for DaVinci Shake Classic, as well as certain colours of the DaVinci Slate.

This will make the roof look better, it will make the installation go easier and faster, and is a much welcomed improvement. It is flexible to adjust through a range of roof slopes, and is more weather resistant than the old fashioned two piece method of capping off the roof.

More DaVinci roof photos with colour description


Compare DaVinci Slate: for more info



































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