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All Weather Products specializes in supplying roofing products for the Western Canadian and Pacific Northwest region.

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The Ultimate Roofing Showroom

    About our Company  

   Roofing Showroom  Knowledgeable Advice  Roofing Budgets  Smart Choices  Competitive Prices A Note about Leaky Condos  Sheet Metal Shop  Rooftop Delivery  How to Find Us

 All Weather Products Ltd. ...The Roofing Store ... We Provide Financing on Installed Roofing

Greater Vancouver Branch and Showroom: 

2717 Lake City Way, Burnaby, BC, Canada  V5A 2Z6

Monday-Friday  7:30am to 4:30pm       

Summer / Fall 2013  hours ... Saturday Closed except by appointment... please see our Surrey location below for Saturday requirements...

phone:     604-420-9000        fax:     604-420-9150

Fraser Valley, South Lower Mainland Branch and Showroom: (Head Office)

12510 - 82nd Ave, Surrey, B.C., Canada   V3W 3E9

Monday-Friday  7:30am to 4:30pm       

Winter 2013 / 2014  hours ... Saturday Closed , except by appointment for showroom.

phone:     604-572-8088        fax:     604-572-8048     E-Mail:

Now Open:

Kelowna / Okanagan Branch and Showroom: 

314 Totom Ave, Kelowna, B.C., Canada   V1X 5C2

Monday-Friday  7:30am to 4:30pm        (Saturday mornings by appointment only)

phone:     250-765-8018        fax:     250-765-8048

 * * * New ... Kelowna Branch serving the Okanagon and central BC

We carry everything you need to successfully complete your  roofing projects ...

  •  "Must See" Roofing Showrooms: 

All Weather has the most complete showrooms in Southwest BC displaying a wide variety of roofing materials. From Concrete Roof Tiles and Metal Roofing to Architectural Shingles, Shake-Look Shingles, and Synthetic or Rubber Composite Roofing, we have built actual roofing mock-ups with both indoor and outdoor comprehensive displays of roofing choices.

Roofing Material choices are far more important than selecting from a small colour swatch or brochure photo. The colour and texture you select can "make or break" the look of your home, and its inherent value and curb appeal.

  •  Helpful, Knowledgeable Advice

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are ready, willing, and able to patiently guide you through the process of selecting roofing materials, complete systems, and installation methods.

There is more to choosing roofing than colour selection. The protection of all your most valuable possessions... your family, your home furnishings, your life's collectables, and your home itself... is the job and function of the roofing products selected and installed.

The longevity and strength of the roofing system has to stand up year after year to our Rainforest climate conditions, severe winter storms, and wind driven rain. Nobody wants a "leaky condo" or home, and it is your responsibility to educate yourself on how to prevent water ingress through the use of smart choices in roofing materials and responsible installation practices.

All Weather will help educate you on your options at our showroom.  We will also point out the distinct architectural design choices which will best suit your home or project.

Remember... 50 to 70% of your buildings architectural style and appearance is determined by the roofing product style, texture, thickness, and colour.

Don't under-estimate the importance of the roofing material choice.

  •  Roofing Budgets and Estimates

During the process of product selection, we will help you prepare your roofing budget for either your new construction project, or your re-roof or restoration project.

We have available handy material cost estimates for most of major products. These hand outs include costs of the specific products as well as costs of the complete roofing system's materials ( the complete material budget ). 

In addition we have worked out what most roofing systems will cost installed. Our estimates are detailed for specific roofing materials based on Lower Mainland typical installation costs using normal, better, or best roofing practices. See roofing budgets.

Because of the proprietary nature and confidentiality of our material estimates, we apologize that we can only make the more specific material budgets and handouts available at our showroom. So come on down and we'll work through your material costs and choices. Bring in an idea of roof shape  ( a simple sketch will suffice) and square footage, and we'll get as accurate an estimate as is possible prepared for you.

  •  Smart Choices

The Lower Mainland marketplace for building materials has deteriorated into a price driven selection process.  We think you  should get a good deal too.

All Weather strives to provide the most competitive product pricing available on our quality roofing materials, and we are even prouder of the service level we are able to provide to create a complete one-stop shop.

But there is more important issue surrounding roofing product selection. You may or may not realize it, but the most important factor to determine your choice is to find the most effective value between style, quality, longevity, reliability, and the cost per year of the installed system.

If you select based on price alone, you'll often get what you paid for. Poor service, poor quality materials, insufficient advice, econo-grade components, and potentially a leaky roof or short-lifespan roof.

Remember ... we live in a rainforest. The Greater Vancouver area is one of the rainiest spots in North America, as well as on the Planet Earth. And the roof you choose and have installed copes with 100% of the severe weather that will regularly attack your home.

In this climate ... the roof is not the place to cheap out. At our showroom we'll strive to assist you in making the Smart Choices for your home.

  •  The "Leaky" Condo "Question"...

Leaky Condos and homes were caused by a price driven marketplace combined with a lack of inspection controls, deficient or non-existent material specifications, and an emphasis on "cheap labour", versus quality workmanship.  

Example: Builder "Class A" and Builder "Class B" built two homes side by side using similar styles of architecture ( the two homes "looked identical" ). "Class A" used all the proper materials, and good installation practice, while price driven "Class B" chose his materials and installations by cheapest price. Both homes were put on the market in a similar price bracket, but builder "Class B" could offer his house at $259,000 and "Class A", because of small incremental cost increases from better materials and practices had to list his unit at $268,000.

The Consumer comes along assuming that there is adequate controls working in the background from Building Inspectors and building codes. They choose to save the $9,000 and choose the "Class B" home, thinking they'll have extra money to furnish their new home.

Results:    "Class B" builder succeeds by selling his unit more quickly. "Class A" builder was penalized even though he created a better built home which in reality only would have cost the consumer $25 per month more (based on 30 year amortization ). Consumer suffers leakage and repair costs when exterior envelope deteriorates, ruins furnishings and possessions, and the buildings value depreciates greatly. Consumer spends tens of thousands to fix problem.

Moral of this story...

  • Get involved in the selection process from the start. Do not rely on "Inspectors" or builders to control the quality of the materials or installation on your project.

  • Buyer beware. Choose higher quality or higher performance materials and systems first, as well as better looking materials, then look for better value, not price.

  • Educate yourself on the material choices and systems for exterior building protection, and installation procedures and practices. Get involved in the selection process.

  • Buyer beware. Choose quality workmanship first, THEN ...look for your better value by comparing services that can be provided assembling the roof system with good materials and good workmanship, rather than looking for low price only. Anyone can cut corners. Anyone can show up with inferior roofing.

  • Avoid seeking "Apples versus Oranges" bids, by providing a product and application "specification" for each trade prior to bidding. Understand that not all proposals and bids are on a level playing field unless the material specifications and installation practices are the same.

  • Visit us  for serious discussion and education on roofing products, systems, and your SMARTEST CHOICES. We'll help you get it done right the first time.

The $9,000 price difference in the example consists of $500 to $1,000 for better roofing materials and practice (same product type). The other $8,000 was for other exterior weatherproofing such as brick, siding, stucco, gutters, etc.

It usually only takes about $500 to build a better installed roof system for shingles on an average home, and the above example was for a tile roof using better roofing practice and products. The cost per year for this $1000 investment in better roofing is $2.77 per month over 30 years. Cheap insurance and assurance of reliability for our Rainforest weather conditions.

  •  Competitive Prices and Complete Systems

We pride ourselves on offering great value with complete customer service and high satisfaction. We support this with a sizeable inventory of our popular roofing products ready to ship to your jobsite, and helpful advice from our knowledgeable roofing consultants at All Weather Products.

We have on hand everything you need to complete your roofing project. And for the Do It Your Self handymen, we'll provide installation instruction and advice for those purchasing our products and systems. We'll give you an in-showroom demonstration, and where applicable we also have resources and instructions to take with you. We can also direct you to other helpful Web Site links to ensure you get it done right.

We strive to ensure that all our products leave our warehouse to be installed correctly. We'll advise on Manufacturer's instructions and warranty requirements, as well as the local building code guidelines, and "Good, Better, Best" installation practice.

In particular, a roof is only as strong as its weakest link, and we'll point out good practices and options regarding ventilation, flashings, underlayment felts, fastening, waterproofing, and finishing details.

For those of you who will be seeking professional installation assistance we offer referrals to good quality professionals who offer reliable, courteous, and quality services. We'll be happy to refer you to these fine professionals when you visit our warehouse showroom. See our Roofer Referrals information.

  •  Custom Sheet Metal Shop

We have three State-Of-The-Art sheet-metal shops with the most up to date equipment for custom folding and fabricating metal flashings and custom break-shapes.

Whether you want a standard roof or building flashing, or a complex custom-specified flashing,  All Weather Products has the expertise and the equipment to quickly form your metal requirements. We use computer controlled CNC bending for accuracy, speed, and efficiency to get you your best values in formed metal.

Our focus is quality, and the modern equipment allows us to make repeat parts with amazing accuracy, thus giving your installers better ability to make their installations look professional, neat, and of high quality workmanship.

Our second focus relates to speedy turn-around of your orders. Often, typical metal flashing orders can be ready next day or following day. We even have a bend while you wait service for those special small rush orders.  

We can pre-attach special seams such as standing seams or "S"-Locks, as well as produce curved flashings or radius bending. If you need special "saddles" or "boots" we can accommodate almost any profile. We form and bend metal from 16 ga and lighter, specializing in 20 gauge to 31 gauge Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel, Galvalume, Kynar Finish, Copper both 16 oz and 20 oz, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Zinc. Upon request we can include PVC protection film in items such as Copper or Kynar finishes.

We have supplemented this capability by adding  Standing Seam Metal Roofing machinery. Our metal roofing roll-formers can make a variety of profiles in a variety of sizes, gauges, finishes, and colours.

Our standard Metal Roofing Profile is the Weather-Lock 1" panels or Custom-Lock 1.5" high panels. They can be formed with ribs, without ribs, or with striated reinforcement profile. They have an integral hidden nailing flange with "Snap-Lock" installation ease. We also produce Snap-Lock with separate clips for long panels, Mechanical Lock for traditional standing seam appearance and installation, as well as U-Panel for those curved roof details.

We still sell a lot of standard agricultural type cladding and metal roofing, and offer the products as custom cut-to-length and provide all the flashings required to complete typical metal roof or siding details. But the face-fastened type metal roofing may have fastener problems, service or maintenance issues inside of 15 years, and we highly recommend hidden fastener type panels such as our custom cut standing seam roofing panels with "Snap-Lock" seams. We also recommend the 24ga or heavier Kynar finish Snap-Lock panels for long lasting paint finish, and a stiffer more durable rigidity to reduce metal distortion.

Fax or bring in your metal flashing or metal roofing requirements. We can bend whatever profile needed to weatherproof and beautify your building or your roof. 

  •  Rooftop Delivery

Like most building materials, roofing is normally a heavy product to handle. Half the job of roofing application is getting the product up on the roof ready to install, and All Weather Products is ready to make the work go faster and more efficiently by assisting in roof loading services.

We offer Rooftop Delivery or general delivery for most of our products, in the local region.

Using a conveyor which can reach distances up to 36 ft or our crane which reaches 50 ft out, we convey or hoist the asphalt shingles, shakes, or metal shingles up on the roof. We meet you or your contractor at the site for loading of the materials. Our driver loads the conveyor or crane forks with shingles and your crew off-loads them at the roof top. It is normal for at least two able bodied individuals (provided by the roofer, builder, or homeowner) to be up on the roof off-loading the materials.

It is the responsibility of the crew receiving the materials on the roof to work safely with adequate fall protection, and to pile the materials in a neat weight-dispersed manner. Our drivers can supply some advise but offer no on the roof assistance or responsibility.

For extra service, we also offer a "Pre-Load" service for loading shingles on roofs with pitches less than 7:12 slope.  For a nominal extra fee, our crew arrives to load and unload the shingles off the conveyor and onto the roof top. For safety reasons we cannot load anything steeper, and site conditions including accessibility, trees, wires, terrain  and safety will determine if the roof can be loaded. Where roofs cannot be safely loaded, or where access is impeded, our crew will neatly place the materials on the ground as close to the roof as the truck can back up to.

It is up to the contractor or the building owner to assure there is safe access to the roof for us to load, and that the roof and support structure is sufficient to hold the materials we are delivering. Where roof brackets are required to secure the roofing materials to the roof surface, these brackets are charged out as an extra and are not refundable.

Unfortunately not all roofs are accessible or safe to load. It is up to the contractor or building owner to decide in advance of ordering rooftop services if the site might be accessible. There is no reduction in freight cost if we arrive on the site and the roof cannot be loaded, and the material must be off loaded onto the ground. 

For both shingle re-roofing and shake re-roofing it is important to have all the roofing materials on site prior to tearing off the existing roofing materials. Mother Nature has a cruel sense of humor in our region's weather patterns, so ensure that the we have completed our rooftop delivery prior to opening up your home to the elements.

For concrete roof tile, we can assist with crane rooftop loading service. For timely loading, you will be required to have at least 3 laborers on hand to spread out the heavy tile over the entire roof area. The tile loading cranes have a high capacity for weight with long reach capability. Please advise us on the reach you will need as there are different trucks for different reaches, with the long reach units costing more per hour.

For re-roofing projects using concrete tiles or light-weight tiles, the new roofing must be loaded after the old roof is removed (weight restrictions), and after the new roof underlayment / strapping system is installed first. So ensure you have proper weather protection for your home ( tarps and such ) until the delivery of tiles can be properly scheduled for loading.

If you have a higher roof or need specific lift or access logistics, we can arrange higher reach cranes or stingers, or other specialty delivery equipment, that is arranged on a cost plus basis.

There are no specific limitations to how far geographically we can go to provide rooftop delivery, except that the farther we go ...the more it will cost. Eventually if you are far enough away from our primary warehouse it will be uneconomic to have the materials roof-topped by us.

However, we would be happy to try our best in finding trucking or transportation to get the materials near your site or to your site, wherever you might be located, at the best rates for freight that we can source. We are also happy to load your trucks or containers right here at our facility in Surrey, or we'll provide delivery services to your container terminal and freight forwarder of choice.

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 How to find us:

We're in the heart of the Lower Mainland, and the Greater Vancouver area.

Our Greater Vancouver branch is at 2717 Lake City Way, Burnaby, BC. You will find our Metro Vancouver branch and showroom 3 blocks north from Lougheed Hwy and Lake City Way lights, where there is also a convenient skytrain station. We are below SFU and Burnaby mountain area halfway between Brentwood and Lougheed Malls. This branch services all the region North of the Fraser River, plus the North Shore and beyond.

Our Surrey Branch is also easy to find. Specifically, we're between 128th st. Scott Road right on 82nd Ave. We're 5 blocks from either Scott road or 3 blocks from 128th, both streets having stop lights. You can also come in off 80th and 124th. From this branch we service most of the lower mainland focusing on the South of the Fraser River region, plus Richmond, and all points of of town.

If your coming from Vancouver Island, The Gulf Islands, Tsawwassen, Ladner, or Richmond ... come in via the Highway 99, make your way up NO 10 Highway (56th), then turn up Scott Road to 82nd. It's just that easy !

Our newest branch in the Okanagon is conveniently located between the Airport and downtown Kelowna just off Highway 97 at Totom. You will find us north of McCurdy and south of Sexsmith / Old Vernon Road at the corner of Totom and Highway 97.


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